Pre-Treatment Instructions

Welcome to Revive Wellness and Educations! We are very excited to assist you on your wellness journey and want your experience to be the best it can be.

Please carefully read the following instructions concerning your pre-treatment rules and guidelines for your experience to be successful.

  • Please do not eat or drink anything for 4 (four) hours prior to treatment. If you have to take any medications, please take them with a small sip of water, as far before the treatment as possible.

  • Please make sure you have disclosed all your medical information to Revive Wellness and Education. Certain medical conditions or ailments can change the dose or even preclude you from getting a treatment.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. You may want to have a blanket handy.

  • In Person Revive Guide: If you have chosen to have a Revive guide present, we will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your session time. At this point we will assist with your vitals and help prepare you for your journey.
    Zoom Revive Guide: Please log on 15 minutes prior to your session time. We will record your vitals and assist you with preparing for your journey.
    Solo: (or with a loved one or friend as a guide): Please call 15 minutes prior to your session so we can log your vitals and assist you with preparing for your journey.

  • If you tend to get nauseous, you should take your ondansetron at this time.

  • Please use the restroom before you begin treatment so your bladder is completely empty. Using the restroom during the treatment is not recommended as it may be difficult to maneuver around. However, if you do need to use the restroom during the session, please let your guide know so we can assist you.