Trust – Let Go – Be Open

Journeying into the unknown
It is not uncommon to feel a little nervous or apprehensive prior to a session, especially the first one. You will work with our staff to find an appropriate dose during your treatment. Generally you will titrate up to larger doses in subsequent sessions which can lead to more profound experiences. No two experiences are the same and no one can tell you what you may experience. Even though journeying into the unknown can be a little scary, understand that you are in good hands and you are here to change, and change can be a little uncomfortable at times. You may experience an influx of overwhelming emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, or sadness but always remember that anything shown to you is not meant to hurt you but rather to enlighten or teach you.

You’re here to explore and learn
You decided to undergo ketamine treatments to change something in your life, however large or small. As you delve deeper into the experiences there may be a lot to take in. Remember that you are on a journey, and just like taking a journey in real life, you want to be curious… so look around, explore, and learn about what you are experiencing.

You are safe
No matter what happens during your experience always remember that you are safe. You are in a medical facility with knowledgeable and caring professionals who support you and your wellbeing every step of the way. If at any point during a session you feel you need immediate support, you can press the call button.

TLO – Trust, Let go, be Open
This mantra has been used in psychedelic therapy and is even used at Johns Hopkins and NYU for their clinical sessions. This mantra is designed for journeyers to get the most out of their experience.


  • Trust you own innate wisdom and your inner healing intelligence.
  • Trust that you’ve prepared for this experience.
  • Trust that you have the skills and natural abilities to make it through this experience.
  • Trust that the medicine will do what it is designed to do.
  • Trust that you are in a safe space with caring people who are there if you need them.

Let Go

  • Let go of expectations about what should or shouldn’t be happening.
  • Let go of the inevitable feelings of wanting to control the experience.
  • Let go of concerns or judgments.

Be Open

  • Be open to the amazing experience that you are witnessing.
  • Be open to the difficult or scary parts of the experience.
  • Be open to the events that are unfolding, whether profound, confusing, pleasant, or challenging. You can process and make sense of things later, if they don’t make sense now.
  • Be open to the truth that everything that is happening is perfectly okay.

When in doubt… just breathe!