What to Expect

Everyone’s ketamine experience will be different.

After completing the required paperwork, you will be mailed your ketamine dose, which you will take at a designated time.


The medication is then administered sublingually.

  • You will be given a sublingual dose of ketamine in the form of a troche, or lozenge. Although cherry flavored, it may still be quite bitter.
  • We suggest holding the saliva in your mouth for at least five (5) minutes or longer before swallowing. Swishing it in your mouth allows for direct absorption and faster onset. It is completely normal to have a slight numbing or analgesic feeling in your tongue or lips.
  • Onset occurs in approximately 10-30 minutes.
  • During this time you may want to focus on your breathing and your intention for the session.

Trance State

Lower doses:

  • You will typically experience a heaviness in your body and may even feel a loss of sensation.
  • Thoughts of empathy and love
  • Feelings of mild euphoria
  • Dreamy state

Higher doses:

  • You may or may not want nor be able to communicate verbally.
  • Thoughts may dissolve completely.
  • Feelings of unity with nature or the universe.
  • Feelings of transcending space/time/mass.
  • Awareness of how one’s actions affects others.

Some patients who experience unfamiliarity with this state and may feel a little unnerved by it. This is not abnormal. Just remember to breathe, relax, and most importantly, just let go!

Integration Phase

After your session you may feel tired, fatigued, and even a little loopy. At this point you will be able to relax and reflect on your experience. It is not uncommon to drift in and out at this point. The main goal is to just relax, especially if your experience was especially intense. Some people may want to take this time to jot down a few notes or doodles to revisit later since it is still fresh in the mind. If you do not wish to be alone, you may want to have a loved one join you at this time.